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Teacher Chris and Frank.

Email me at
to enquire about a timeslot.
Or, find an alternate contact on our contact page.

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Price List

Our Offers

420 Euro (2930 RMB)

20 classes

Buy 20 classes and get 2 bonus classes.

210 Euro ( 1465 RMB)

10 classes

Buy ten classes at once. If you are a new client contact me directly first to confirm an acceptable time slot.

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About Me

I have been professionally involved with young learners for 15 years. I have taught in international kindergartens around the world. I have experience in varied curriculums including: Jolly Phonics, IB, British Curriculum, Multiple Intelligence, Reach Higher, ORT and many more. In addition to years in brick and mortar schools I have taught over 4500 child centred ESL lessons online. 

Just as importantly I have deep affinity for working with children and also an abiding love for the english language and developing it through play.

I hope to see you soon!

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Time with Frank and myself is first and foremost time to have fun in an English language environment. We can adapt or even source a curriculum to suit the needs of your child. We are also happy to use your child's interests or current course of study as a jumping off point for expanding his or her English skills.

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Contact Me

You can contact us via email, what's app Wechat and skype.

We Chat ID: ChrisandFrank

Skype: christopherbroadhurst. (period inluded)

Thanks for submitting!

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Get Informed

What do lessons cost?

All lesson are sold in packages of ten at a price of 1500 RMB. If you would like a larger package of 30 lessons at a slightly discounted rate please contact me. Lessons will only be able to be purchased individually until October 1st 2021.


Students may cancel without using up one of their paid lessons by giving 4 hours notice. However, only one such cancellation will be allowed per calendar month. For 1V2 classes if only 1 student is absent the classes will fall to the next lesson in sequence the following week. If both students are absent the lesson plan will repeat the following week. Please notify any cancellation through email at:

The same goes for me. If I were for some reason to cancel any particular lesson more than once in a calendar month (extremely unlikely) I will give a credit for a free class.

Extreme Circumstance: What will happen if classes are not able to continue because of outside forces?

What if events were to take place like those that have shut companies such as WE and our classes could not continue? In such a case I will return all fees for untaught classes that have been pre paid. I will be able to refund you directly through ALI PAY up to 90 days after purchase.

What if I cancel more than once in a calendar month?

If you cancel more than once in a calendar month then unfortunately you will loose the lesson credit for any lesson you cancel beyond the first.

Again, the same goes for me. If I were for some reason to cancel any particular lesson more than once in a calendar month (extremely unlikely) I will give a credit for a free class.

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